The Innocent Mage

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Book title: The Innocent Mage

Author’s name: Karen Miller

Published by: Orbit Books

Publication year: 2005


The kingdom of Lur is where to use magic unlawfully means death, summary death. Doranen have ruled Lur with magic since arriving as refugees centuries back. Theirs was desperate flight to escape the wrath of a powerful mage who started a bitter war in their homeland, so to keep Lur safe, the native Olken inhabitants agreed to abandon their own magic. Magic is now forbidden them, and any who break this law was executed.

Asher left his coastal village to make his fortune. Employed in the royal stables, he soon finds himself befriended by Prince Gar and given more money and power than he’d never dreamt possible. But the Olken have a secret; the prophecy. The Innocent Mage will save Lur from destruction and members of the Circle have dedicated themselves to preserving Olken magic until this day arrives. Unbeknownst to Asher, he has been watched closely. As the Final Days approaches, his life takes a new and unexpected turn.

Karen miller did quite a lot research here bringing to present ancient customs and traditions of an old European kingdom in the time of magic. Karen Miller’s creativity on the use of magic related vocabulary coupled with certain fishing technologies helped drive home her point for the better understanding of what she was actually portraying in this book.

The Innocent Mage. Truly the Mage (Asher) was ignorance of what his coming meant to the people, but the observing folks of the Circle knew him, pretended to have welcomed him and paid more attention to the assignment a certain prophesy said he’d come to fulfill.

Though reading a novel like this, one just had to get a dictionary tucked into his pocket or have it on a study desk. One thing to note about Karen Miller’s book, Innocent Mage and other titles is that, the storyline took a close resemblance with a 2008 TV series ‘Merlin’. Asher’s part as the aid to Prince Gar and Merlin also played the role of an aid to the apparent heir to Camelot, Prince Arthur whose kingdom magic or sorcery was severely punishable and summarily leads to death sentence.

From the fact that Asher played a key role in the management of other characters in this piece, and from Karen’s careful merging of scenes and total concentration of the catalyst of the story line (Asher) drove home the point that she had really folded her sleeves, worked tirelessly on her drawing board to give such a masterpiece. But it would rather be fair of a good reader to note that, Karen Miller can necessarily avoid the lengthy encapsulation of some descriptive part of the story. The fact that the book stretched too long in some part explaining some unnecessary details could of course bore readers.

Just like any storyline, after the protagonist and Antagonist had been discovered, the next thing is the matter of discourse after which the morals is considered. Innocent Mage  explored the turns of event for a patient fisherman’s son from Restsharven who seek to give his father comfort at old age, and latter narrows down to an unreservedly patience he employed in the course of getting what he actually came to Lur for even while the turns of event for him were quite unpleasant most times. Asher normally would have thought it twice and left the kingdom he sojourned at but virtues he learnt preserved him all through.



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