My Vision



Book title: My Vision [Challenges in the Race for Excellence]

Author’s name: Mohammed bin Rashid  Al Maktoum

Published by: Motivate Publishing

Publication year: 2012

The author did well opening with a quote that got me pondering and that which will get every reader thinking about the parasitic relationship between the lion and the gazelle and relating it to human struggles, means of survival. It got me unconsciously creating a mental image of how fierce the race between a Lion and a Gazelle will likely look like. And of course that is exactly the picture of persistence to survive in the human race no wonder even human will take to their heels when a hungry lion comes chasing.

“Nevertheless, there is still much to do. We are not content to rest on our laurels, basking in the glory of what we have achieved; we are constantly striving to move forward… [pg 12 para 3]”. You will agree with me this is a non-mediocre statement.  This makes establish, a statement of boldness or better call it commitment to serve the people, reaching forth for excellence at all level and ensuring the betterment of the people of UAE. From world record and on the account of the video of the making of the world most luxurious hotel situated in Dubai, we could see how clever brains were brought together to build such a mind blowing edifice someone might have tagged impossible.

The author made a statement of fact and also a statement which might not tally with the thought of some other Muslim nations (apologies please) that believe, building a strong military base is the only way to maintain greatness or peace, but rather he emphasized towards the fourth to the sixth paragraph that to build a strong economy means power. Further towards the last paragraph on [pg 14], an average reader would refer to the author’s statement here as an enthusiastic word of a real patriot and may not regard it as truthful as it though seems. Not that it isn’t possible as it though seems, but quite amazing for the author to say there is no managerial corruption in the UAE. How sure is he? How has he been able to measure managerial discipline and how much has he scrutinized major managerial operations?

The author did well opening this book with the quote of a lion and a gazelle. And thus the flow of the write-up emphasized the fact that Arabian wouldn’t wait for the perfect time to get things done, but would rather would strike when the iron is hot.

Being the present Prime Minister of UAE Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum demonstrates a cordial relationship between a leader and his subordinates. In chapters Seven he advised the youth to produce, create and make mistakes. This statement though didn’t in anyway encourage mistakes but on a better ground, bringing to light the fact that mistakes are not meant to be chastised as a good leader but rather to bring such individual to the corresponding correct act. This therefore illustrates a promising workforce when subordinates can easily relate with their leader even when they get things wrong. Getting good level of productivity is sure going to happen

It will be interesting to bring your eyes to chapters eight of this book where the author will make a non horse enthusiast want to take up horsemanship with the way he described the love he drives in riding on a horse. The fact that he knew all the basic terms involved in horse breeding thrills me. It will be interesting to note that relating the joy derived in riding a horse with relationship with human wasn’t hard for him when he said: whoever knows how to love and respect horse will also know how to respect people…I was initially wondering if he really meant it, but even a dumb will never doubt that fact from his concise expository on the love for horses.

The author further recount that the best way to ensure good psychological balance for employees is to continue encouraging and motivating them. Working on the theme of positive and negative energy he explained that when even racing horses are not given the appropriate care, fed well not encouraged, they start to decline and lose energy. In each of the author’s statement on finance of the UAE, I mean in every portion of this book where he’d mentioned monetary figures in USD, he ensures to include the corresponding figure in AED. This is to indicate the fact that there is no other way to be patriotic order than carefully driving the point home.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a good marketer (see page 148 para 2-6 and further on to Chap 13 downwards). Though he studied military tactics and operations in the United Kingdom but was quite proficient in selling Dubai to the world.

By the end of this book, the author brought the readers to the point and one of the themes of this book when he resonates the same quote said at the beginning. It happens to be one of those things that thrilled me about the book. Find the closing remark lettered at the epilogue page of the book:

“Development is an ongoing process and the race for excellence has no finish line”.



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