Chain Reaction

Book title: Chain Reaction

Author: Robert Tine

Publisher by:  St Martins Paperback

Publication year:  1996


chain reaction

Whizkid Mechanist Eddie Kasalivich is a member of a team of intelligentsia research scientists who had the key to a cheap pollution free energy. But on the eve of the completion of this successful laboratory discovery, the team leader was assassinated and the laboratory set ablaze in such a weird explosion that left the security operatives and public in awe. Kasalivich alongside colleague physicist Lu Chen and the only female amongst the team, Lily Sinclair were frame to be the killer of Professor Bucholtz. And then the chase was on.

Robert Tine opens this book with a statement that causes the curiosity of the readers to rise. He coast along the shores of this book with some level of suspense, hence driving his readers all through a time when he finally unleashes the scope of the laboratory experiments.

Holding onto the theme of betrayal which seems to be the strongest and dominant theme in this book, Robert was able to paint well the picture of a betrayal James Shannon. James of course listens cleverly to the author’s instruction and was able to push the drama up to the climax where tension steams up. The dramatic turns of action right from the drawbridge experience where Eddie hides avoiding the cops arrest was also one attention seeking part of this book. Infact I was anticipating what the next scene where Lily has been waiting for him at the train station will look like. The author unleashes a kind of surprise as he was just dominant on the theme of betrayal. One would have been expecting much from a spell-bounding science fiction thriller like this. Though I was actually expecting more from Robert but he just wouldn’t give it to me.

Yeah, I’m yet to see the movie tie-in, but I think the latter part of this book was quite confusing and incomplete. The question is:

What happens to Eddie Kasalivich and Lily?

What about James Shannon? Relating to the killing of Professor Bucholtz murder trial, (for shrilling out loud, this is a murder case)

Did the court arraign anyone?

Or maybe Robert is not telling me certain things I need know, I was even wondering if this book has got a sequel or a part two.


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