The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason



Book title: The Richest Man in Babylon

Author: George S. Clason

Published by:  Signet non-fiction (Penguin groups)

Publication year: 1988

If you go by the title of this book and think this is one religious book, then you’re getting something wrong. Beautifully written introductory chapter. George Clason leads his readers on with the story of Bansir the chariot builder of Babylon, a man who desires to have enough money. And of course, his story and his meeting with Kobbi the musician leads us into the real contest and on whose Character the book was written.

‘Being as you know, the son of a humble merchant, one of a large family with no hope of an inheritance, and not being endowed, as you have so frankly said, with superior powers or wisdom, I decided that If I was to achieve what I desired, time and study would be required…’ This happens to be in the words of Arkad, the richest man in Babylon. The author made most use of ancient Babylonian proverbial saying alongside stunning storyline and something kind of cinematic mental picturing to pass across his message. At the extreme end, of the last paragraph on [Pg 17] a friend of Arkad said he was fortunate for being that successful after he was made heir to Algamish’s fortune. And I tell you has become a popular saying about success in this present age, nothing of such is being fortunate. When you have the desire to succeed and you work hard, definitely success has to be the end result. Just exactly Arkad’s response to him.

The use of various archaic English phrases spurs up a special urge in me to read more. Reading a text like this brings famous writer, William Shakespeare to life. Who knows, it might probably be one of those rare reasons why this book hit the bestsellers record, though the fact that it deals severely with the subject of appropriate judicious use of money draws up the enormous acceptance its sales has been enjoying over the years.

It definitely can’t be far-fetch that one good acceptability this book also enjoys from its numerous readers is the author’s ability to drive down a good narration with a compelling story of finances, and of course, the story of the richest man in Babylon which most especially raises the anxious expectations of its readers.

This inspirational classic conveys through ancient Babylonian parables owes much to the thrifty and several financial successes of ancient Babylonian merchants dating back to about 8000 years ago. This book which was first released in a pamphlet with the title just the same with this book quickly wins for itself the world acclamation amongst individual, banks and insurance companies in 1926 and I can shock you, it is still winning till now. It is a book one’s generation need read, another yet good historical book civilization owes much.



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