The Awakened Mage




Book title: The Awakened Mage

Author: Karen Miller

Publisher: Orbit

Publication year: 2007


I’d likened The Awakened Mage to a TV series in 2008 by the title ‘Merlin’. There is so much resemblance to the characters in The Awakened Mage and the storyline in Merlin. Two Kingdoms played a significant role in the progression of this story by Karen Miller. The Olken and the Doranen. The Olken were the original owner of the land but were scattered all around. The Doranen came with Barl their leader, running away from what has become an evil mage Morg. The Doranen saw that the land was good but the weather was so bad that their farmers were suffering and wouldn’t get a good yield. Both kingdoms went into an agreement. The Olken will do magic no longer while the Doranen will continue doing magic. Generations of Olken born after believed they had no magic, but the prophecy was spoken and the expected Mage who will bring the people out of their trouble was born. As expectantly as possible, some members of the circle had awaited the time for the fulfilment of this prophesy, and finally, the Mage spoken of in this prophecy was eventually identified, though by few people. And then comes Asher of Restharvan.

Asher (the innocent mage) in this story played a significant role, partly in decision making and also as an adviser in his own way in the kingdom of Lur though directly to Prince Gar who later became the king. He was the fate of the kingdom, this which was only known to some few people but of course by members of the circle and the evil Mage himself. Gar being a crowned prince and an apparent heir to the throne of his father, never initially possess any magic (possessing magic is one basic quality any King that will rule in Lur should have) whatsoever but instead, his sister had (this she used in oppressing his brother who seems not to have one). But just as fate will take charge of the turns of event in the story, and after the death of his family, Gar realised he was beginning to have magic, which initially couldn’t take control of. The role of Asher being the protagonist in the story made him to solely determine the rightful placement of the story’s jigsaw, which means without his pictorial part in this ‘puzzle’ there will be a problem getting the puzzle in its right place.

Just as Asher is the Innocent Mage (The Kingmaker), we also have in this mind blowing story the Awakened Mage (The Kingbreaker), in the person of Morg. Morg has always been opposing the coming of Asher who is the destiny of the kingdom of Lur. His goal in the continuation part of this story by Karen Miller is to bring down the wall surrounding the kingdom of Lur built by his lover Barl, years back down.

Karen Miller did a wonderful work bringing into play a work of fiction with a good blend of European tradition, voodoo and magic to tell a tale of a kingdom dividing even while her leaders were still alive. The use of ancient craft, architecture, clothing and even words helps in communicating the story in an understandable way which can hardly be resisted. In a nutshell, the Awakened Mage is all about the final identification of an innocent mage whose personality has been revealed longtime ago even before he was born in a prophecy by a naïve man who will do anything if it means saving the kingdom. This is a good read, rich in culture and garnished with a good salivating taste of a European culture that can’t be resisted. It is a journey back into ancient times where the traditions of the people meant a lot to them up to the extent of playing a lead role in determining the way things are done.

I extend my Special appreciation to my friend Joy Frank for co-reviewing this with me. Sincerely I love the joy deployed into this review. (Lol)


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