Beyond Mere Words



Book title: Beyond Mere Words

Author: Jane Silverwood

Publisher: Harlequin Super romance

Publication year: 1988


Lawyers are very crafty, analytic and could also be referred to as good legal-case drivers. Their arguments are always spiced with proofs and choices to pick from where the final decision of the judge is concerned. And then when a legal practitioner woos a lady of his choice, what will you expect?  Adam’s careful proposal to Francy and his bait-like offers presented should be well applauded in the whole of this book. His careful use of words and patience deployed to getting innocent Italian Francy was quite laudable for what some may call a sharp shooter’s approach to getting the big game. He had carefully lined up activities even before the days unfold for Francy up to a point where she was totally hooked and couldn’t let go. Well if I may say, it was a struggle that was really worth it, had Francy changed her mind, and then it would have been another thing light-hearted Prosecutor from Howard County will have to battle with for the rest of his bachelor’s life.

Jane’s act of switching too swiftly from one scene to another might be too much in a haste leaving less detail to feast on. From my end, I may say she’s not taking enough time to flesh out each scene before birthing it forth and ten taking on a new one. This was quite vivid in several portions of the book and on Pg 167 where Adam invited Francy to go with him on a vac to Bermuda, and then the author wouldn’t establish this well on Pg 177. Maybe it was just an intentional act to conceal some details but I actually was waiting for her to immerse the reader’s mind into more about Bermuda before eventually embarking on the aeroplane. My opinion, though.

Living with a reading disability like dyslexia (became one central theme determining the progress of Francy’s portion of the story) is one big problem for Francy as she just couldn’t read. Telling Adam even was one big problem for her even though Theresa had told her to explain things to him hoping he would understand. And now with the love in the air, Ben Chalett’s view about Francy’s background, Patricia Pearce’s wanting to know who her daughter-in-law is and Adam’s political ambition at stake, one might just be a bit confused which way to go.

I strongly think Jane did an awesome work building up more tension, drama on Francy’s dyslexic condition and how it affected some other people in this story’s past. The way it linked to Jerry’s inability to read, Adam’s  grade three mate and dyslexia being common amongst the Raseras was one good way this story builds up to be captivating. Francy who becomes the main character to which this dyslexic syndrome was concentrated soon becomes an object of pity when she had a challenge with the onboard restroom on Ben Chalett’s yacht, and then negotiating if she could stay through the day without easing herself. The problem was just too much for her to bear. If privileged to come onto the scene, I would have advised she let go of the fear and tell Adam the truth about her reading disability.

Though Jane did a good job putting ‘Beyond Mere Words’ in our hands coupled with the fact that it does make a good romantic fiction, but some few inadequacies could be corrected in her future works. Inadequacies such as on Pg 281 and towards the end paragraph where Barbara Kains used the word ‘Release’ instead of ‘discharge’ which seems to be the most appropriate professional jargon in the medical world. I also pondered on the fact that there ought to be a bit of a rivalry or simply put drama between Barbara and Francy. You know, I was actually wondering why Patricia would send Barbara over to straighten issues with Francy. Why Barbara?

Learning to live with killing attempts may be one prevalent issue for politicians around the globe, and I pretty take delight in the first strike on Adams. It caught the reader’s attention, caused us to go into suspense, pondering what could happen next to Adam. I can tell every reader was shocked reading that this renowned and successful prosecutor of Howard County was shot.

This work made a good romantic fiction and was a good read if I may say.


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